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    I caught my fiance. Sad part is we do have kids together. At least I hope. Funny part is she went to jail for a couple of days. Her cellphone was just sitting there. So I grabbed it, plugged it up and went straight to the messages. Conversations with a few guys. Looks like she was putting them on pause. I guess until the honeymoon was over. Things happen for a reason. If she never went to jail, I probably would have never looked. If we didnt have kids, I would’ve left her in that cell. I want to kick her ass. Now I have to worry about the big C.S..



    Putting them on pause, meaning you know she’ll continue relationships/dating others when you’re married already? I believe staying with her just for the sake of the kids is wrong. You’re crippling your chance of having a wonderful relationship with someone else, because you want to give the kids the illusion of a functional family.

    If your fiance can’t change, after you confront her about the other guys, IMO you should leave her, but continue to be a father to your children. It does not always have to be both stay with spouse and kids, you can have your happiness while also giving your children a great life. I know a lot of people who stay in their marriages just for the kids, they end up taking out their frustrations on everyone, even the kids themselves.

    Thank you for sharing Q



    I think staying with your wife for the children is a noble act. I too am trapped like you, but I believe its better for them to grow up with their natural mother, and she is a good mother, just not a good wife to me. I am going to man up and stick it through, but I could see how you wouldn’t want to stay in a relationship if it would not benefit the children (ie bad mother/father).

    Oh how unlucky we are in love.

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