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Hurt Husband

Too many women act like the cheating thing is always the man doing it.

It isn’t. And when they do cheat they come up with the great excuses why it wasn’t their fault.

When the trust is gone so it the relationship and so is the marriage.

My advice to any guy out there wondering what to do after finding out their wife is cheating is to get out of the marriage. End it. It’s already done anyways. Stinks real bad if there are kids involved but it isn’t ever going to get better. And yea – once a cheater, always a cheater.

It takes a dirtbag and a liar and a sneak to have an affair. You really want to stay married to THAT?

Man or woman, your spouse cheats. End the marriage because it is already done.

Men don’t have a monopoly on cheating.

And if my ‘devoted’ spouse reads this….You are a liar, dirtbag and a sneak and I don’t trust you anymore.

Bye, I’m better off without you.