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    K. Hampton

    This happened a long time ago, but I want to contribute.

    So when we were still dating my (then) boyfriend had this friend, that was a girl, and he told me “oh, she’s nothing. she’s just one of the guys”, and at first I believed him.

    Even though I did not believe in platonic relationships, I believed him because I trusted him.

    He met this girl apparently online, while playing world of warcraft (we were 21-22 back then) and never told me. It’s funny because we play video games a lot together and I ALSO played world of warcraft with him. What he never told me is that every time I logged off, he would then start playing with this one chick. I saw him add her as a friend on facebook and that’s how I realized they were playing together. And yes, she was beautiful.

    So that’s when I confronted him and he started giving me that “just a friend” line. I noticed thatthey started texting and TALKING on the phone. From world of warcraft to texting and talking on

    the phone. That worried me and I told him to stop talking to her. He told me I was crazy, andthat there was nothing going on. Well I found out that the girl lives a subway ride away from us.

    I put my foot down and told him to stop talking to her, and he agreed (after we fought). So I thought everything was good and we started returning back to normal, but I was sooo wrong.

    I caught both of them in his house when I told him that I would be leaving for a month for spring to go with my relatives, which I didn’t because of whatever reason I can’t remember. I planned on a surprise visit and brought my luggage with him so we could take a trip. That’s when

    I saw them both on the couch snuggled up together watching a movie. Although I couldn’t see it clearly because of the blanket, I swear they were touching each other.As soon as I sawthem both

    on the couch together, I have NEVER said a word to him. I called the other girl a s*** on her facebook page before I stopped talking to both of them.

    To get back at my (now) exbf, I purposely dated one of his friends who he was jealous of because I said he was cute. We eventually stopped dating but it made my ex boyfriend really jealous.

    I’m in a serious relationship now, and also know the value of emotional affairs cause that’s what ruined our relationship. He got too close to the “one of the boys” type of girl and eventually started lying to me about what they do together.

    If this all seems familiar to you guys and girls, you better make it clear to maintain the friendship line and limit their talk time or at least monitor it. You never know when an emotional affair could happen.



    You shouldn’t have wasted your time on fake dating his friend just to make him jealous.You could have started building a valuable relationship with someone who would actually love you.

    At least you found out before you got married.



    I agree would anon, and I posted a similar post on my personal blog if you’re interested in reading it. Don’t ever waste your time trying to hurt a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a waste of your time.

    You should consider posting about infidelity and cheating on world of warcraft, because I wouldn’t know where to begin. All I know is that it is some sort of game. I’ve had similar posts on my blog about people treating it like a virtual chatroom and getting contact details of younger girls.

    You took it pretty well Kim, and thanks for sharing and following us here in this forum :)



    emotional affairs are waaaaay more dangerous than physical affairs!!! it’s so much more difficult to get concrete proof of it and it hurts much much more! i think that relationships can be platonic for a while but there always comes a point where it suddenly becomes something more. :(

    @anon i totally agree with you but she might have been very hurt from what her bf did to her so shre retalieated in response/ i think it’s understandable



    peanut said:

    emotional affairs are waaaaay more dangerous than physical affairs!!!

    I think I’m dealing with both. I have not seen anything that would lead me to believe they are doing anything physically, but they HAVE bcome touchy.

    I used to think people were too jealous until it started happening to me.

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