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    My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend! we’ve been together for 5 years and plan on getting engaged soon. I thought that Martha wholeheartedly supported my relationship with him. I walked in on them on our couch when I was able to come home a lot earlier than usual. I don’t know whether i should be mad at my boyfriend, at my best friend, or both of them! I can’t understand why he’d do something like that. We haven’t had a serious fight for over three months now and we’ve been talking about our future plans together. I was so angry, hurt and mortified that stormed out before he could react. He came to me a day after the incident and told me that he really loves me, he wants to be with me, and he doesn’t know why he did what he did. Martha’s been ignoring me and avoiding me ever since that day.

    Should I give him another chance? I still love him very much but my brain can’t get over the fact he cheated on me with my best friend!



    If you love him, you owe it to yourself to try and make it work by going to counseling. But do you really love him, or are you just afraid of being alone? There are some people who confuse love with need, and those people often “tough it out” sticking to relationships that make them miserable all while telling themselves it’s “true love”.


    K. Hampton

    I agree with what Hana said. I would suggest otherwise if you have

    proof that there was anything else that’s happened before you caught them.

    If there’s something else then I would just think he’s a liar who’s been
    deceiving you and making you look like a fool. I would hold off on marriage for several years :/




    Consider going to a marriage counselor, if you were planning to get married, try pre-marriage counseling. If you really love him, and if he really loves you, you’ll find a way. He most likely will agree to go to a marriage counselor.

    Try and get him to confess to any other acts of infidelity before you go to counseling, you should know that for your relationship to work, you will need to trust him again.

    Hope everything works out,




    u should pretend everything is fine and forgive him. then without him knowing, spy on him while you are out. thats how i caught my now ex girlfriend by installing a hidden spy cam to capture the beds and one in the kitchen table and living room couch.i knw how you feel, its shocking and makes u want to hit something real bad




    they are both to be blamed. they arent kids for chirsts sakes. you should have no left you should have kicked him out.

    i say dump his lying ass he could have been doing that with your”friend” for a long time now

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