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    i caught my ex girlfriend cheating on me with our landlord. she is a leech and has no job so she just stays home. i told her i wanted to get married so we can have a kid but she said she doesn’t want to yet. we r still just in our early twenties. she doesnt want to get married, she doesn’t want to get a job to help pay the bills, and she doesn’t want to help out by selling our unneeded items on ebay or craigslist either. she just leeches. this was all fine for me until i started noticing some odd behaviour from her. i noticed that our landlord suddenly checks up on us much more. I also caught him once knocking on our door without a shirt on-this is when I knew there could be cheating going on-. i of course answered it and asked him what he wanted. there’s absolutely no reason for this greasy f***er to be in our apartment because we are good tenants and always pay the bill on time. well -I- pay the bill.

    he was surprised to see me because i usually am at work at this time, i just skipped work that day because my foot was killing me-i work in construction. he made up some BS reason for being there and said if our plumbing was ok? my gf saw him and she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. she interrupted him and said that we had no problems and we will notify you if there was any. i asked her what that was all about after the landlord left and she said she did not know anything and it was weird. that was the last time i saw the landlord until i caught them cheating.

    after that incident i kept prodding her with questions like :”whats going on tina?” “does he come here when I’m gone to bother u?” “do you see him everyday?”. she told me i was “crazy” and what am i implying. well i am a good judge of people and what happened and the looks on both thier faces easily made me think they were hiding something so i searched for hidden cameras and other ways to catch her cheating. i found a site that showed me about motion detector cameras and thought i’d give it a try. best $200 i have ever spent. that same site lead me here on the forums didn’t think it was new so i though id come here for some reading and share what i found.

    i installed several cheap cameras to spy on the bed, kitchen and other areas of the house. guess what i found? yes the greasy f*** and my leech girlfriend was doing it on MY BED. the bed I BOUGHT. in the apartment I PAY FOR. if i was a lesser man i would have slapped the hell out of her face. i kicked her out and left the apartment and didn’t pay rent. i found out the reason she gets money is that my rent money has been going to her, not money from her parents-they are deadbeats as well. she called me stupid and said i was not going anywhere in life. well that officially made her a s*** for accepting my rent money in exchange for sleeping with that greasy landlord

    i have half a mind to spread the video footage i got to porn sites and send links to all her friends on facebook and her family too. her name is T*** M*******, look for her on face book and flicker. The landlord’s name is T*** C***.

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    Jake, I hope you decide against spreading your ex-girlfriend’s spy cam footage. Not only is that mean, you could also get sued for a lot of money by your ex gf and landlord.

    Just drop everything and completely forget about her, easier said than done I know, but it’s not worth it wasting any more energy on these people. Let them be together, they won’t be able to build any meaningful relationship together and they will soon get sick of each other.

    You are lucky that you found out your ex girlfriend was cheating on you while you’re young. At least you didn’t have to waste your time getting married to her and finding out in the future when you’ve already had kids that you’re married to a cheating wife.

    Forget about them and focus on your own life,




    Don’t waste your time Jake, forget about her and don’t let anything you do be because of her. Spreading videos of your ex girlfriend cheating on you will not do anything but turn you into a horrible person. Your ex and her new partner will have a miserable time in the future because they are both liars. Liars always end up alone.

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